Thursday, January 7, 2010

Katie Umans Receives N.H. Arts Fellowship

Congratulations to former Halls Poetry Fellow, Katie Umans, for her 2010 New Hampshire State Council on the Arts Fellowship. Katie says this about her manuscript:

My manuscript of poems is titled The Flock Book. A flock book is actually a pretty unsophisticated thing – a record of births, deaths, breeds, pedigrees, parentages, and transfers that helps farmers keep track of their sheep or cattle. This kind of crude record is exactly the opposite of poetry, and yet also manages to represent exactly the currents that seem to run through the poems – all the anxiety of grouping and sheltering oneself, of being (or not being) in the registry, acts of straying or wishing to stray from the flock, of existing in proximity to others, of being absorbed into the comfort and protection of the flock only as a trade for living under the weight of threats – of slaughter, or conformity, of impurity, of weakness, or rejection. Also, my poems tend to be a lot about the straying of sleep and dreaming, so there is space for the counted sheep along with the literal animals.

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