Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newest McNally Novel

Though its pub date is officially March 1st, it seems a number of retail outlets could not wait that long, meaning former Djerassi fiction fellow John McNally's much anticipated novel, After the Workshop, is now available. Here's what (the late lamented) Kirkus has to say:

"McNally enthusiastically rakes the literary profession over the coals in his cutting fictional biography of Jack Hercules Sheahan, once a wunderkind of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and a New Yorker–published writer with great potential and even greater opportunities. The novel smartly picks up Jack’s story a decade after his well has run dry, as he subsists by ushering famous and not-so-famous writers to their hotels, bookstore readings and many, many bars… A ribald deconstruction, packed with literary in-jokes, of an industry in love with its own absurdities."

More about the book under "buzz" on John's website, And Madisonians, keep checking this blog for info on John's upcoming reading here in March.

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