Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing is pleased to announce its 2011-12 Fellows. They are:

Pilar Gómez-Ibañez, the Diane Middlebrook Poetry Fellow. MFA: Cornell University

Laura-Eve Engel, the Jay C. and Ruth Halls Poetry Fellow. MFA: University of Houston

Mehdi Okasi, the Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellow. MFA: Purdue University

Nicole Cullen, the Carol Houck Smith Fiction Fellow. MFA: UT-Austin

Emily Ruskovich, the James C. McCreight Fiction Fellow. MFA: University of Iowa

Martin Zimmerman, the Carl Djerassi Playwriting Fellow. MFA: UT-Austin

Jacques Rancourt, the Halls Emerging Artist Fellow. MFA: University of Wisconsin-Madison (pictured above)

Fellows spend the 2011-12 academic year in Madison. They each receive a stipend of $27,000 and teach one creative writing class in each of their two semesters with us. The Halls Emerging Artist Fellowship is awarded to a graduate of the MFA Program here at UW-Madison and is selected by an outside judge. For more information about these fellowships see our website.

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