Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am so far behind and there has been so much good news. I'm going to try to get to it all, but if I've left yours out, please write me.


LYSLEY TENORIO (former fiction fellow) has a story, L'Amour, CA, in The Atlantic. You can read it online here.

DEAN BAKOPOULOS (former MFA) interviews historian Andrew E. Kersten about the Wisconsin recall elections in Salon.

ANTHONY DOERR (former fiction fellow) gets a top of the list endorsement for the paperback version of Memory Wall in today's Sunday New York Times' Paperback Row.

REBECCA STAFFORD (former poetry fellow), BRI CAVALLARO, and NANCY REDDY (both former MFAs) are not only three of the fifty poets whose work will appear in the Best New Poets 2011 anthology, they are also the first three of ten of those poets to be named Best of the Best by Flavorwire. If that doesn't make perfect sense to you, it's explained better here.

ERIKA MEITNER (former poetry fellow) and her still-happy marriage to Steve Trost are re-visited by The New York Times in its State of the Unions column. The name of the article? "The Poetry of Parenthood." Erika is currently at VCAA.

TRACI BRIMHALL (former poetry fellow) has made the Poetry Foundation bestseller list with her collection Rookery.

I think that's all I know. Please, please, though--write to me and let me know what else is new and exciting in everyone's lives.


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