Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's just silly how many amazing Madison readings are happening in the next couple weeks. Check them out below; you can RSVP on facebook by clicking the links.

11/2 @ 2:30 at MATC downtown, room D234: Kyle McCord & Kara Candito: A Reading Hosted by MATC & Yahara Journal

11/2 @ 5:30 in Memorial Library: Susan Schultz & Connie Deanovich

11/4 @ 7:30 at the Project Lodge: MONSTERS OF POETRY present a Canarium Books Reading

11/9 @ 7:00 at Avol's Books: Best New Poets Reading 2011, featuring Bri Cavallaro, Rebecca Hazelton, Nancy Reddy, and others!

11/10 @ 7:30 in Helen C. White room 6191: Jonis Agee

11/13 @ 2:00 at Avol's Books: all SIX UW-MFAs in poetry will read, rapid fire, back-to-back! That's Oliver Bendorf, Zac Fulton, Mark Cayanan, Sarah Crossland, Hannah Oberman-Breindel, and Jesse Damiani.

11/17 @ 7:30 at Avol's Books: Lydia Conklin & Marian Palaia

11/19 @ 7:30 at the Project Lodge: YesYes Books presents Matt Hart, Nate Slawson, Kara Candito, Sean Bishop, and Rebecca Hazelton

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