Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wisconsin Book Festival is happening November 7th-11th at the Overture Center. Be sure to check out some of these UW Creative Writing-affiliated events!


7:30 PM
A Face to Meet the Faces: Persona Poetry
MMoCA (Madison Museum of Contemp. Art)
Kara Candito, Nina Corwin, Susan Elbe, Matthew Guenette,Rita Mae Reese


5:30 PM:
How Can Wisconsin Writers Support One Another? A Panel Discussion Featuring Winners of the 2011 Wisconsin Writers Awards
Wisconsin Studio/Overture
Kathleen Ernst, Adam Fell, Janet Halfmann, Wendy Vardaman

5:30 PM:
Recovering Black Women Writers from the Harlem Renaissance and Beyond
Rotunda Studio/Overture
Tracy Curtis, Cherene Sherrard-Johnson, Ethelene Whitmire


7:30 PM
Monsters of Poetry Reading: November 2012 WI Book Fest Edition
Wisconsin Studio/Overture
Chris Martin, Caryl Pagel, Brett Eugene Ralph, Nate Slawson,Mary Austin Speaker


12:15 PM
Recovering Lost Worlds: Two Poets Reveal How They Resurrected Abandoned Projects
WI State Capitol-Senate Room 425 SW
Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Rita Mae Reese


4:00 PM
The Creative Side of Publishing: Breaking Boundaries, Building Community
Rotunda Studio/Overture
Oliver Bendorf, Sarah Busse, Ching-In Chen, CX Dillhunt,Nancy Reddy, Wendy Vardaman, Frank X Walker

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