Thursday, February 7, 2013

Colony Collapse Press!

Colony Collapse is a small press located in Madison and created by former fiction fellow Christopher Mohar. The press's description reads: small press and harbringer of the apocalypse since 2012.  While this press may be early in the making, it makes up for it in its very original descriptions in the kind of submissions it seeks for publication: 

"Colony Collapse seeks writing that stands yeti-like & backlit on a riverside cliff shotgunning a pabst and/or burns under your skin well after you've dug the stinger out and/or ghostrides the whip with the kid still in the car seat and/or etcetera. We print exclusively prose--fiction, creative nonfiction, reportage, hybrids, and other experiments--with a special focus on novella- and chapbook-length collections, in the mission of bringing increased attention to these under-appreciated literary forms and the authors who write in them."

It's first publication is none other than former fiction fellow Michael Sheehan's collection of short stories proposals for the recovery of the apparently drowned.  Please take a look at their website to find more information about the press and Sheehan's collection.

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