Thursday, February 7, 2013

Monsters of Poetry line up for Winter/Spring 2013!

February 1st:
Alyssa Knickerbocker / Kathleen Rooney / James Pollock / Kelly Forsythe

+ the music of Chants, Paper Wasp, and Oedipus Tex!
Welcome to the new year. A whole night of poetry and music at The Dragonfly Lounge.

March 1st:
Blueberry Morningsnow / Melissa Dickey / Matt Mauch / Liz Countryman/ Samuel Amadon

March 29th: 

WILD AMERICA: A gallery show and reading pairing local writers and artists to create one piece of writing and one piece of art that explores the idea of American wildness (does this mean wilderness, recklessness, careening, burning, propagation? we'll find out.)

Featuring the artistic pairings of kara candito & victor castro/caryl pagel & jordan anderson/angela voras-hills & ariel brice/jesse damiani & marina kelly /zac fulton & toby kaufman-buhler/chloe benjamin & scott espeseth/adam fell & ellen siebers/barrett swanson & brandon norsted/matthew guenette & trent miller/christopher mohar & tom berenz

The gallery show will be at the Common Wealth Gallery, 600 S. Baldwin, from March 16th-29th. Monsters of Poetry Reading involving the writers will be the night of March 29th.

May 3rd:

Lauren Shapiro / Christie Ann Reynolds / Wendy Xu / Kyle McCord

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