Friday, March 5, 2010

Hootenanny! Road Trip! Music! MFAs!

I swiped this shot from Emma Straub (former fiction MFA, former Halls Emerging Artist Fellow) and Mike Fusco's blog We're Having a Hootenanny. As you may know (or, if you don't know, as the blog will inform you), when Emma is not writing critically acclaimed novellas and Mike isn't designing posters, t-shirts, album covers, book jackets, etc etc, they like to work the merch table on Magnetic Fields' tours. The current tour took them to Milwaukee this week and a crew from Creative Writing drove up to have dinner, see the band, and spend some time with Emma.

In this photo, Alyssa Knickerbocker (fiction MFA) and Bri Cavallaro (poetry MFA) are clearly wondering, given that they live in Wisconsin, home of a million microbreweries, why they are drinking PBRs.

The road trip included Alyssa, Bri, Jesse Lee Kercheval (faculty), Ron Kuka (faculty), Martha Kuka (faculty kid), and the inimitable Steph Bedford (former fiction MFA).


  1. Because we were in the Pabst Theatre! We HAD to.

  2. Sure, Knickerbocker. Make excuses.