Friday, March 5, 2010

This evening I took a break from novel writing to update the Past Fellows page on the creative writing website. Basically, I just googled all the former fellows to see who had new or forthcoming books (and if you're a former fellow and I missed your book, please send me an email at or through Facebook).

Here's the pretty amazing list (and note that most books can be ordered or preordered on Amazon and your local independent bookstore's site)

The Pretty Girl: a novella and stories by Deborah Spark
Fire Season: a Frank Coffin Mystery by Jon Loomis
A Curable Romantic: a novel by Joseph Skibell
After the Workshop: a novel by John McNally
Memory Wall: stories by Anthony Doerr
Unplugged: a memoir by Ryan G. Van Cleave
Strangers at the Feast: a novel by Jennifer Vanderbes
Stiltsville: a novel by Susanna Daniel
Ideal Cities: poems by Erica Meitner
The Local News: a novel by Miriam Gershow
The Sandbox: a novel by David Zimmerman
Sightseer: poems by Cynthia Marie Hoffman
Before You Shoot Your Own Fool Head Off: stories by Danielle Evans
Cultural Studies: poems by Kevin A. Gonzalez
We Don't Know We Don't Know: poems by Nick Lantz
The Lightning That Strikes the Neighbors' House by Nick Lantz
Rookery: poems by Traci Brimhall
The Book of Life: stories by Stuart Nadler
Fly-Over State: a novella by Emma Straub

...and, though I don't know its title, I do know that Danielle Deulen just won the Miller Williams
Arkansas Poetry Prize.

(post revised 3/6/10)

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