Monday, January 10, 2011


Great news for two of our current MFA poets. Poet Lore has nominated JOSH KALSCHEUR's poem "Fire" for a 2010 Pushcart Prize, while Boxcar Poetry Review has nominated "Offering" by JACQUES J. RANCOURT for a 2010 Pushcart. You can read Jacques' poem here. That's Josh in the hat. Jacques is the one doing the Sinatra-like jacket over the shoulder pose.

Former poetry fellow REBECCA DUNHAM's chapbook Fascicle will be published by Dancing Girl Press in October 2011.

And former poetry fellow CYNTHIA MARIE HOFFMAN, along with seven of her poems, will be featured in the next issue of Mid-American Review. That issue of MAR and Sightseer, Cynthia's book from Persea, will both be available in early February.

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